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High-quality and Special Products for Emergency, Lighting, EMS, Trucks, Law Enforcement and other special divisions of private and public services and other essential needs. 

Schiller® Hospital Defibrillator & Monitor Defigard 4000

  • Schiller Hospital Defibrillator & Monitor Defigard 4000

    A single button gives access to all major functions such as energy selection in manual mode, pacemaker and AED.

    The DEFIGARD 4000 comes in two versions, with paddles or pads, both with a bright and clear display, a 4-lead ECG cable and mains or battery supply.

    Manual or semi-automatic defibrillation
    USB interface for data transfer from the internal memory and software upgrade
    SpO2 MASIMO with plethysmogram
    Transcutaneous pacemaker
    Integrated thermal printer

    Multipulse Biowave®

    Most SCHILLER defibrillators feature the sophisticated Multipulse Biowave technology. This patented defibrillation waveform is pulsed at high frequency. It consists of two phases of current flowing in opposite directions (biphasic). The Multipulse Biowave technology ensures an effective and safe defibrillation shock while minimising damage to the myocardium.

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