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High-quality product to Law Enforcement and Fire Service to assist with all there emergency lighting and warning needs.

Federal Signal® LED Police Light Bar

  • Federal Signal® LED Police Light Bar

    Integrity light bar from Federal Signal is a distinct modern shaped linear light bar with built-in multi-color LED technology. SpectraLux® allows for a single light head to change color while in operation, providing 360-degree of continuous light output from takedown and alleys to an impressive flood feature. Use its all White-flood light to locate a suspect or select an amber flash pattern to safely direct traffic.

    SpectraLux® Lights the Way
    Federal Signal’s LED reflector technology maximizes the LED light source to eliminate critical dark spots and distribute true 360º of light coverage. For further customization, mounting brackets accommodate patented HotFoot™ LED warning, takedown and alley lights.

    Programming is made easy with FSJoin in conjunction with Pathfinder® light/siren controller. Through the Convergence Network Configuration Software, multiple warning devices can be programmed to synchronize in order to create a unified vehicle solution.
    Easy to Install and Operate
    For maximum performance and installation, FS Convergence Network’s ‘plug-n-play’ capability offers ease of installation and programming. FS Convergence Network reduces bulky cables to streamline installation. To reduce unnecessary downtime and increase service life, ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuity™) reduces the number of critical connection failure points found in conventional lightbars -- keeping your vehicle on the road.

    Other Info:
    - Low-profile, linear-shaped LED light bar
    - Combines effective warning with the tactical benefits of flood lighting capability
    - Integrated SignalMaster™ directional capability
    - Optional HotFoot for takedown, alley and warning lights
    - Available in 44- and 51-inch lengths
    - LEDs offered in Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White
    - Can be serviced without removal from vehicle roof
    - Five-year LED warranty
    - Compare all Police light bars

    - SAE J845 Class 1 (Amber, Blue, Red, White)
    - SAE J595 Class 1 (Amber, Blue, Red, White)
    - CCR Title 13 Class B (Amber, Blue, Red)
    - IP65

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